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Student Records


A complete and accurate training record will be maintained in accordance with Arizona Rules for every student.


    • Student records will be maintained in a confidential manner.

      • Access will be restricted to instructors, state board representatives, and authorized training program staff.

      • Students may request a copy of their record by submitting a written request to the training program director/coordinator.

    • The following information will be maintained in the student record:

      • Name, date of birth, and Social Security number

      • Training record form

      • Completed skills checklist

      • Attendance record including a record of any make-up class sessions

      • Score on each test, quiz, and examination and, if applicable, whether a test, quiz, or examination was retaken

      • Documentation from the program instructor indicating the:

        • Number of skills training hours completed by the student

        • Student performance during the skills training

        • Verification of distance learning hours completed by the student

      • Copy of a valid food-handler’s card

      • Copy of the notification of training program completion submitted to the Board.

      • Copy of the certificate of completion issued to the student

      • A completed training program evaluation

    Records will be stored in a secure, fire-proof location in the training program office.

    Records will be maintained for at least (3) three years following the student’s completion of the training program.