Paid CPR, AED, & First Aid – 8 hour class



This paid course is for those that are unable to attend our free CPR, AED, and First Aid class date each month, and need to arrange for a different date.

Please contact us at (602) 354-5466 or at before purchasing to see if we can work out a date that works with everyone.

If your employer specifies American Heart Association only, we can provide a letter for them that assures them that AZ law requires all BLS Certification to have the same curriculum quality and standards as the American Heart Association, but does not require AHA certification.  In fact, when employers either read our letter or check EMS safety online and realize the US Coast Card accepts this certification there are no problems.  Super Heroes has chosen EMS Safety over the AHA, and the American Red Cross due to the quality of their training materials and videos.


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