Not All Super Heroes Wear Capes!


Super Heroes FOR Seniors State Certification

Super Heroes for Seniors is licensed by the State of Arizona Board of Examiners or Nursing Care Institution Administrators and Assisted Living Facility Managers. Our License is: ALCTP # 0079

We are open for students!

We have created a wonderful learning environment. To do this we remodeled a 4,000 sq ft warehouse. It has big screen projector for teaching video's, power points, and other online teaching tools. There is a large conference room for smaller break out classes, we have an "official" patient room and then 6 other beds so that all students will have the opportunity to practice skills. We have enough equipment for any size class.

How can it be that new students can start daily.

As on November 10th, 2018, Arizona currently requires 62 hours of learning. We have broken these hours into 14 modules, plus skills lab. Students continue to stay in class until they have completed all 14 modules. Those who choose to do some of the modules online, will have the option to do them in our facility or at home. We have included in our curriculum: the values of a caregiver, characteristics of a Super Hero Caregiver and lessons about positivity in the work place. We've incorporated hands on activities that go beyond the 12 hours of required skills labs in order to make learning more applicable to different adult learning styles and more fun to participate in.

Why did you choose that name?

That name was chosen because all of us who work in Assisted Living understand that Caregivers are Super Heroes in disguise.

Why do you sell DISCOUNT BOOKS (formerly Subscriptions)?

Individuals are welcome to sign up for our program. However, with the growing need for caregivers, Assisted Living Facilities need new options for staffing at an affordable price. We are meeting our company goal of providing values based education, at a price that ALF's and individuals can afford, which means that our Seniors will get the benefit of Superhero Caregivers. We can offer this low price based on the volume of students without compromising the quality education.

Can we talk to you about this in person?

Yes, We are available to come to your community, meet with your team or your regional leaders, and discuss this program more in depth. You can also come for a tour any day.