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The Benefits of Certified Caregiver Training...

The Benefits of Caregiver Training are many. Certified Caregivers in Phoenix have the joy of knowing their job is one with purpose. There may be easier jobs to be had, but few have the rewards that caregiving offers. To know each day that you have the opportunity to bring joy, purpose and fulfillment to the life of another human being, while giving them the dignity they deserve, is a reward that few jobs offer.

Certified Caregivers may choose to serve in this way for their entire career, while others use this training and certification as a stepping stone to many other opportunities. As a caregiver student, you learn the safe delivery of medication which can allow you to become a Medication Tech in an Assisted Living Facility. This is an amazing opportunity for those, who are, or plan to, study nursing. When your friends are in clinicals, learning to pass meds, your experience and confidence will put you far ahead of the game. All of the other skills you learn as a Certified Caregiver will also add to your LVN or RN capabilities. Many nursing schools look for students who have shown the motivation to serve in a clinical setting prior to nursing school, when they are choosing candidates for their programs.

Many Certified Caregivers in Phoenix, and throughout AZ, advance from this course to take their Assisted Living Manager's Course. With this training and field experience you can progress to the job of Assisted Living Home Manager.

In Assisted Living Facilities (Centers), many Certified Caregivers advance to other positions in the company. Examples of job advancement include Activities Director, Sales and Marketing, Resident Care Coordinator over the Memory Care Unit or Assisted Living Unit. When you meet with Executive Directors, it is amazing how many of them started as Caregivers and worked their way up in the company because they were willing to work hard, loved their seniors and decided that working with Seniors is not just a job, it is a career.

Start taking the steps now for a career in the field of Senior Care! Assisted Living Careers in Phoenix will keep you employed for a lifetime.