Not All Super Heroes Wear Capes!

About us

Assisted Living Training School that  CHANGES LIVES

Caregivers are truly Super Heroes in Disguise. This company was founded on the belief that those who serve our seniors should be able to gain their required training at an affordable price. A discount program has also been developed to incentivize Assisted Living Centers and Homes to consider investing in future staff by providing first-class training.

Training Caregivers who make Seniors feel like dancing!

A Career With A Purpose

Senior Care provides rewards beyond measure. It is hard work and serious business, but the laughter will always outweigh the tears. Learning to provide elder care can lead to job opportunities galore. This certification allows you to work in Assisted Living Homes and Centers. You can also provide senior home care assistance by serving with a Home Health Care Agency. Becoming a Certified Caregiver can also be a great stepping stone to other careers in the growing field of Senior Care Services.  There are even Executive Directors in large facilities who started their career as a Certified Caregiver.

If you are already a Certified Nurses Assistant,(C.N.A.) you can take the 18 hour Bridge to Assisted Living Program that will allow you the flexibility to work in an Assisted Living Center or Care Home.  Then, should you so choose, you can  begin the process toward owning your own Assisted Living Care Home.


Caregivers who CARE

Our Mission

Our Mission is to provide AZ State approved Certified Caregiver Training that gives students the knowledge, skills and Super Hero values needed to be great caregivers. This is so that all Assisted Living Communities will be fully staffed with team members who will provide the quality of care desired for our Seniors, at an affordable price. We also provide additional services and training that promote quality of life and care for our aging population.

About us
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