Not All Super Heroes Wear Capes!

Assisted Living Training School that  CHANGES LIVES

Caregivers are truly Super Heroes in Disguise. This company was founded on the belief that those who serve our seniors should be able to gain their required training at an affordable price. A discount program has also been developed to incentivize Assisted Living Centers and Homes to consider investing in future staff by providing first-class training.

Training Caregivers who make Seniors feel like dancing!

A Career With A Purpose

Senior Care provides rewards beyond measure. It is hard work and serious business, but the laughter will always outweigh the tears. Learning to provide elder care can lead to job opportunities galore. This certification allows you to work in Assisted Living Homes and Centers. You can also provide senior home care assistance by serving with a Home Health Care Agency. Becoming a Certified Caregiver can also be a great stepping stone to other careers in the growing field of Senior Care Services.  There are even Executive Directors in large facilities who started their career as a Certified Caregiver.

If you are already a Certified Nurses Assistant,(C.N.A.) you can take the 18 hour Bridge to Assisted Living Program that will allow you the flexibility to work in an Assisted Living Center or Care Home.  Then, should you so choose, you can  begin the process toward owning your own Assisted Living Care Home.


Caregivers who CARE

Our Mission

Our Mission is to provide AZ State approved Certified Caregiver Training that gives students the knowledge, skills and Super Hero values needed to be great caregivers. This is so that all Assisted Living Communities will be fully staffed with team members who will provide the quality of care desired for our Seniors, at an affordable price. We also provide additional services and training that promote quality of life and care for our aging population.

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Caregiver Certification Information

The Super Heroes FOR Seniors team is happy to work with teachers, managers, nurses, etc who want to host an educational seminar in our facility.

Requirements for Licensing

There is no age requirement to take this course but to be hired in an Assisted Living Environment you must be 18 years of age. Assistant Caregivers can be hired at age 16. Other requirements for being hired as a caregiver include: TB test within 3 months, AZ Fingerprint card, Food Handlers card

How Long Is This Course

As of Nov 10th, 2018, AZ Law requires 62 hours of study:

  • 20 hours may be done remotely
  • 42 hours in class, including 12 Hours of Skills Lab

What are costs associated with this course ?

The Individual Package is $475.00

Sponsored Individual Package is $425.00

Additional add-ons or Options:

  • CPR, AED, and First Aid $75 (Or sign up for our FREE monthly class!)
  • Food Handlers Card $8-10
  • State of Arizona Finger Print Card $120 (Covers fingerprinting and State fees)
  • $65 State Testing

When does the next class start

Classes may be started daily, Mon-Wed, or on Friday.

The at home or Distance portion of the classes are set in a modular system so that students may start any day of the week once payment and application is received.

What are the class hours?

Classes are from 8 am – 5:30 pm daily.  Weekends by appointment.

20 hours of this course may be taken online at home or in the classroom.

What is the process for applying?

  • Pay online or in person
  • Come to Super Heroes FOR Seniors to pick-up Student Manual, fill out paper work and receive an orientation.
  • Plan to be here 2 hours for paperwork and orientation.
  • Super Heroes is open 8am-5:30pm  2930 W. Fairmount Ave.  PHX  AZ  85017
  • No need to call before coming.

Check out our Individual and Sponsored Options

Our normal hours are 8 am-5:30 pm Monday – Friday.

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Why buy “Golden Tickets”

The discounted “Golden Ticket” books were created to keep to our founding commitment of affordable training for caregivers. This is because our greatest commitment is to ensure seniors are well taken care of. “Golden Tickets” provide the most affordable options ever available to the Assisted Living World. We’ve done this to make it possible for ED’s and Managers to hire non-certified individuals and send them to class at a price you can afford.

We make it so easy for you, that we allow multiple homes or facilities to join together to purchase one “Golden Ticket” Package and share the “tickets.”

After You Register and Pay

We send you student packets that include the “Golden Ticket” you give to those you are sponsoring for class. You then register their start date online, via fax or telephone call. Remember they can start any week day but law requires they  have a food handlers card before they start class and be in the process of obtaining their Fingerprint Clearance Card. If you have not already provided those things for your new employee, consider the Deluxe-All Inclusive rate and we will walk your student through fingerprinting, food handlers card and the state testing. Here will be no hidden or extra costs for you.


.If your student fails the state exam x 2 you get a replacement “Golden Ticket”

· If your student drops out the first week, you’ll still get a new “Golden Ticket”

· Golden Tickets have no expiration date.

Pre-test Helps You Hire Right

· We provide a pre-test to help you determine if a potential employee has the capability to pass this course. Test is not required to take the course, but we know that basic reading and arithmetic skills are required for the job and our pre-test will help you determine your candidates abilities. We will work with any student to help them overcome their struggles, but if they can’t pass this test, the course and state exam may be too difficult for them and the above guarantees are void.

Why Do We Call This A Collective?

The definition of collective is a group of people working together toward a common goal. All of us serving Seniors have a goal to provide them with dignity, respect and purpose while providing for any care needs they may have. As a Collective, we make room for your input into our program so that your needs are met. Just a few ways we do this:

.We invite you to share on our advisory council.

.We invite you to help us put on both Administrator and Staff CEU events that the entire collective can benefit from.

.We make our building available after hours and on week-ends to members of the collective.

.While there is always some competition due to the need for profits, our place is one of neutrality where joint events such as classes or support groups can take place without one facility being in the spotlight at the expense of other communities.

Why Did This Type of Program Start

This course was birthed from a former Resident Care Director’s desire to have the freedom to invite non-certified, potential employees to the interview room, knowing that she could choose the best of the best. To make this dream a reality she knew that an affordable, easy to use program had to be created to train as many new employees as possible.

She also knew that investing in staff from the beginning, though not fool-proof, shows new employees that “We will care for you” because when we care for our staff, they will care for our Seniors with more passion than ever.

4.9 (97.78%) 9 votes

Calendar of Events

Check this page out often to find out what events are coming up at Super Heroes FOR Seniors.

Go to the “Store” tab to register for free and paid events. Call if you have any trouble so we can register you by phone. 602-354-5466

The Super Heroes FOR Seniors team is happy to work with teachers, managers, nurses, etc who want to host and educational seminar in our facility.

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State of the Art Classroom


While located at 2930 W Fairmount Ave, our School is located just 1 block off the 17 Freeway at Indian School Road exit #202. It is a great location near the 10, 202, & 60 Freeways as well. We are very close to the landmark Grand Canyon University.

Snack Bar

Upon entering the reception area you will see our Student Services Coordinator Andrew and our Mini Market where you can grab a coffee and snack to take to class.

Class Room

Our class room currently seats 40 but for larger events can be converted to about 80 seats with tables or over 125 chairs. You’ll have fun checking out our Super Hero wall inspirational décor.

Conference Room/Classroom

For smaller classes or meetings we can use the conference room that has the same great equipment needed for visual and sound.

The Hospital Room

Here you will meet Mabel and her twin sister Mabelina. While lots of equipment resides in this room, we will spend most of our clinical time using the 7 beds in the main classroom.

Can you find the kitchenette and clincial beds?

This view of the classroom shows the beds where we will practice clinical skills and medication delivery. There is the big screen for videos and online learning. The screen and sound make for a great learning environment.


Our Friends and Partners

Super Heroes FOR Seniors is happy to partner with teachers, managers and nurses who want to host an educational seminar in our facility.